5 Best Beaches on Kauai to Snorkel

Many people come to Kauai asking us what the best beaches for snorkeling are, so we thought we’d write down a few of our favorites to share with our friends! When you’re on Kauai, you’ll definitely want to check out these beaches for snorkeling!

5.) Mahaulepu Beach– Now this is a great snorkel beach, however, it can be tricky getting to this beach as the dirt road leading out isn’t in great shape! This beach is located on the South Shore near Poipu. This beach stretches for quite a ways and is a great beach for snorkeling as there are many reefs!

4.) Lydgate Beach – This is great place to take your kids snorkeling! There is a protected swim area for kids and great little fish around to explore. There is a lifeguard as well, so this is a nice spot for those snorkel beginners.

3.) Poipu Beach– another great spot for snorkeling. There are lots of reefs, not many fish, but this is a nice place to learn as well. There are lifeguards at this beach so it makes it another great place for snorkel beginners.

2.) Anini Beach– This beach is probably most well-known for it’s giant reefs to explore. I’ve listed it as number 2 since you have to swim pretty far off shore (although the water is shallow for quite a ways) to see some really cool fish, which is great for an adventure day if you plan on spending the afternoon here .

1.) Ke’e is a great beach at the end of the road past Hanalei on the North Shore. This beach is absolutely breathtaking and happens to have a great reef for snorkeling. There are tons of fish just feet off the shore for you to explore! We love this beach for snorkeling because of the convenience and shear beauty of this beach!

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