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kauai whale watching tours

Whale Watching on Kauai

One of the most incredible experiences you can have in Kauai is witnessing a majestic whale. These massive creatures are simply breathtaking to watch, and our Kauai beachfront rentals are in the perfect location to spot them. Read on to... Read more

oceanfront kauai condo rentals

10 Beachfront Condos at the Waipouli Beach Resort & Spa

If you’re looking for a Hawaiian oasis, you’ll find it on Kauai. This tropical paradise is the ideal destination for fun and relaxation with the family or your special someone. You’ll get to experience the magic of the mountains, valleys,... Read more

hanalei bay

Princeville Kauai Activities Things To Do

While many people gravitate to the island’s sandy south shore, Princeville is a lush escape that has vast stretches of sand, great waves for surfing, and cute towns to explore. The North Shore is one of the best places to... Read more

kauai scenic drives

Driving Around Kauai – How Long Does It Take?

One of the things we love about Kauai is its size. The island is big and diverse enough for all kinds of adventures, but small enough to drive in just a day. Driving around the island of Kauai is not... Read more

shipwreck beach kauai south shore

Shipwreck Beach on Kauai

On the surface, Shipwreck Beach is just another Kauai beach. It is absolutely lovely, but what does it offer that other beaches don’t? You have epic and clear sands, stunning ocean views, and a rewarding view of the land. But... Read more

kauai vacation rentals

The Ultimate Guide to Kauai East Shore

When you think of Hawaii’s tranquil white sandy beaches, gloriously blue waters, and thick jungles, you are, whether you know it or not, thinking of Kauai’s East Shore, or “Coconut Coast.” It is definitively Hawaii- stunning, magical, and filled with... Read more

kauai restaurants

Things To Do on Your Kauai Anniversary or Honeymoon Trip

Whether you’ve just tied the knot or are celebrating a year – or 20 – of marriage, Waipouli Beach Resort and Spa makes for a fantastic place to enjoy a getaway for two. When celebrating honeymoons and anniversaries on Kauai,... Read more

kauai orchid festival

Spring Events Happening on Kauai

Hawaii’s hospitality and friendliness are often sidelined in favor of its stark natural beauty. While picturesque coastlines and white-sand beaches may don its brochures, there are plenty of other things to do including outdoor activities, watersports, community events, and activities.... Read more

ocean waves kauai

Learn About Winter Ocean Swells on Kauai

When you think of Kauai, chances are you picture the cascading mountains crashing into the pristine beaches with palm trees swaying over turquoise blue ocean waves. That’s exactly what Kauai is known for, and those pictures are posted all over... Read more

kauai hawaii beaches

Your Guide to Kauai’s Beaches

Kauai is often seen as the most exquisite and exemplary paradise on Hawaii – an island of majestic mountains and seemingly real magic. This can all be seen at Kauai’s many beaches. There are about 30 beaches to consider! While... Read more

kauai fine dining restaurants

4 Fine Dining Experiences on the Southside of Kauai

Soak in the extravagant ambiance of Kauai. See the glorious sights and enjoy the local dishes. Below are the four absolute finest southside Kauai restaurants for fine dining. Red Salt at Ko’a Kea Those dining at the Red Salt don’t... Read more

kid-friendly hiking trails kauai

Easy Hikes for Families on a Kauai Vacation

We could go on all day about Kauai’s majestic mountains, lush jungles, dramatic cliffs, and sunny beaches. But, the best thing you can do is book a week at oceanfront rentals on Kauai for families to see it for yourself. Better... Read more

christmas on kauai

Christmas in Kauai

Simple tunes from ukuleles play out in the colorful streets. Surfers ride glassy, green waves against a backdrop of stark mountains and green valleys. Visitors and locals alike catch rays on the sandy shores. Bright floral leis are donned by... Read more


How to Recover Fast From Jet Lag

Kauai is a dream paradise and an island that reminds many of a heavenly garden of sorts. But for just about everyone traveling to Kauai condo rentals on an incredible vacation escape, they have to contend with a rather intrusive... Read more

Kauai car rentals

How To Get Around Kauai on Vacation

Kauai is the northernmost island of Hawaii. Over the years, it has stood the test of time as one of the premiere Hawaiian island destinations for its postcard-worthy views, its stunning jungles, and incredible waterfalls hidden deep within the trees.... Read more

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