Kauai Weather

Kauai’s Weather is Fantastic!

Kauai is paradise on earth, a perfect vacation destination. It has beautiful beaches, mountain peaks, crystal clear waters and fabulous weather. The island has a tropical weather climate making it lush and vibrant. Rain is needed to keep this island full of its amazing plant life, but it does not rain here as much as people would think. During the summer most of the rain showers occur at night which allows for optimal beach weather in the daytime. Sometimes rain showers do sweep through in the daytime, but they are usually just brief afternoon showers that come and go. Brief afternoon showers are great because they keep temperatures down and can often times bring vivid rainbows with them.

There is always sunshine somewhere on Kauai

Kauai has a very diverse climate that spans across the island. There are seven micro climates on the island from mountains to arid plains. While one side of Kauai may be getting rain, the other side is usually bright and sunny. If it is raining on the north shore, it will most likely be dry on the south and west shores. The west is the driest and sunniest part of Kauai. There are areas of Kauai that get minimal rain fall per year such as Polihale, which can get as little as 5 inches per year. The mountainous region of Kauai is the rainiest with Mount Waialeale averaging 440.22 inches of rainfall per year making it the wettest place on earth.

Kauai’s Temperatures

Kauai has excellent temperatures throughout the year. Highs in the summer range between 78 and 85 degrees and the lows in the winter range from 60 to 70 degrees. Humidity is usually around 50%-70%. Kauai’s water temperatures range from the low 70s in February to the mid 80s in October making swimming in the ocean comfortable all year long.

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