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kauai hawaii beaches

Your Guide to Kauai’s Beaches

Kauai is often seen as the most exquisite and exemplary paradise on Hawaii – an island of majestic mountains and seemingly real magic. This can all be seen at Kauai’s many beaches. There are about 30 beaches to consider! While... Read more

kauai fine dining restaurants

4 Fine Dining Experiences on the Southside of Kauai

Soak in the extravagant ambiance of Kauai. See the glorious sights and enjoy the local dishes. Below are the four absolute finest southside Kauai restaurants for fine dining. Red Salt at Ko’a Kea Those dining at the Red Salt don’t... Read more

kid-friendly hiking trails kauai

Easy Hikes for Families on a Kauai Vacation

We could go on all day about Kauai’s majestic mountains, lush jungles, dramatic cliffs, and sunny beaches. But, the best thing you can do is book a week at oceanfront rentals on Kauai for families to see it for yourself. Better... Read more

christmas on kauai

Christmas in Kauai

Simple tunes from ukuleles play out in the colorful streets. Surfers ride glassy, green waves against a backdrop of stark mountains and green valleys. Visitors and locals alike catch rays on the sandy shores. Bright floral leis are donned by... Read more


How to Recover Fast From Jet Lag

Kauai is a dream paradise and an island that reminds many of a heavenly garden of sorts. But for just about everyone traveling to Kauai condo rentals on an incredible vacation escape, they have to contend with a rather intrusive... Read more

Kauai car rentals

How To Get Around Kauai on Vacation

Kauai is the northernmost island of Hawaii. Over the years, it has stood the test of time as one of the premiere Hawaiian island destinations for its postcard-worthy views, its stunning jungles, and incredible waterfalls hidden deep within the trees.... Read more

kauai catamaran tour

Kauai Catamaran Tours

Seeing the Kauai coast by catamaran is unbeatable. The fresh ocean breezes will invigorate you. The delicious food and beverages will delight you. And the friendly skipper and staff members will see to your every need. There’s no better way... Read more

kauai fine dining restaurants

4 Fine Dining Restaurants on the Northside of Kauai

If you have to splurge anywhere, you might as well do so during an extravagant vacation to the tropical cliff sides of Kauai. An important part of adventuring here includes seeking out some palette-refining, top-rated eateries, restaurants and cafes. If... Read more

kauai waterfalls

Best Waterfalls to See on Kauai

Kauai is an incredible and rejuvenating escape – one that we highly recommend every person to visit at least once in their lives. While there are hundreds of features that make Hawaii such a special place to visit (horseback riding... Read more

handmade Kauai souvenirs

Best Kauai Souvenirs

We all know that the very best souvenirs are the memories, experiences and photos of your Kauai vacation. However, you may want to take home more than just a few selfies to family and friends – such as some apparel,... Read more

Kauai’s Famous Na Pali Coast

Summer is here! And Kauai has been sunny and beautiful! One of the most popular things to see on Kauai is the Na Pali Coast! This protected coastline in Kauai is by far one of the most beautiful sites to... Read more

kauai sea birds

Wildlife Refuges & Conservation on Kauai

It’s no secret that Kauai is a natural beauty. Our island is 25 miles long and 33 miles wide and receives more than 400 inches of rain every year – one of the world’s wettest places. This means that it’s... Read more

kauai coral reef sunscreen damage

How Your Sunscreen Affects the Reefs On Kauai

In many areas where travelers meet nature on the lush, green island of Kauai, there are signs promoting conservation and protection: Stay on the trail. Take only pictures. These are fundamental rules of respecting the natural world and are increasingly... Read more

kauai airport

Your Guide to the Kauai Airport

The airport on Kauai, formally known as the Lihue Airport, is likely the first place you’ll step foot on Hawaii’s “Garden Isle.” Hundreds of thousands of people enter Hawaii through the Kauai airport every year, the beginning of a journey... Read more

Update from Kauai!

Aloha from beautiful Kauai! We wanted to take some time to give visitors an update on Kauai since the storm in April. Much of the island has recovered and the Kauai community pulled together to support those most impacted. Kauai... Read more

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