How to Recover Fast From Jet Lag

Kauai is a dream paradise and an island that reminds many of a heavenly garden of sorts. But for just about everyone traveling to Kauai condo rentals on an incredible vacation escape, they have to contend with a rather intrusive and troubling problem.

This is, of course, that terrible thing known as jet lag.

Jet lag to and from Hawaii is manageable, however, if you apply a few savvy tricks. You don’t need to slam down four cups of coffee a day and tough it out for a week to start having a nice experience.

With our quick tips, you can recover faster and more effectively to jump into the momentum of Hawaii. Thankfully, you won’t have to do much to get up to speed.

Some visitors to Kauai literally fly half-way around the world. That can put a damper on your vacation after spending hours on an airplane.

Adjust Your Time Immediately

You need to get on Hawaiian time in a very direct way to make the transition easier on you.

Adjust your watch, change the time on your laptop, and generally find every way possible to take the old time out of the equation. Fortunately, many cell phones will “auto-correct” to the new time zone. If you travel often, be sure to have this setting active for your device.

There is a psychological aspect to this strategy as well. You may find yourself looking at the time on your clock often. If it says 2 p.m. Hawaiian time, then your brain will respond to the time it sees just a little faster.

Push for a Normal Bedtime the First Day

Your body is resilient and tough. If you can manage to squeeze in a normal bedtime when you reach Kauai that first day, you will make massive strides in your comfort for the duration of your trip. Most people need at least one good day to be properly acclimated. If you usually go to bed at 11 p.m., try to go to bed at around 11 p.m. on your first day in Kauai, whether you have been up 2 hours or 24.

Apply the same logic when you return. Though most travelers admit the return trip is harder, by forcing that regular bedtime schedule as much as possible your body will feel the push and accommodate the switch sooner later than later.

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Dealing with the ordeal of traveling is worth it when you have tropical island luxury waiting for you on Kauai.

Try to Arrive During the Day

It helps a lot if you can arrive during the day. Organize your arrival flight for afternoon or early evening landings. With a lot more energy, you are far more encouraged to explore and you have the best chance to ease into the trip.

Apply the opposite approach upon returning. If you land at night, you are better set to settle down, retire for the day and get back on track.

Skip Sleeping Pills (and Alcohol)

It’s best to avoid relying on sleeping pills or alcohol to assist with jet lag. Both are a detriment to your ability to recover from jet lag. There is little evidence to support that sleeping pills actually help with jet lag.

You may get some sleep on the plane, but your body has not made any headway in tackling the opposite schedule. You will feel fuzzy and perhaps even worse off than you would be otherwise.

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Some people say that it isn’t the destination but the journey. But when you’re headed to Kauai, the destination is DEFINITELY the best part.

Understand Your Time Difference

The different time zones can create a conundrum for travelers making their way around the world. You can reduce jet lag by knowing the time difference you are working with.

Hawaii uses Hawaii Standard Time or HST. Hawaii does not use daylight savings time. Excluding Arizona, it is the only US state not to implement it. These time zones differential can help you understand what time Hawaii is on.

  • California is three hours ahead of Hawaii
  • New York is six hours ahead of Hawaii
  • The UK is 11 hours ahead of Hawaii
  • Australia is 20 hours ahead of Hawaii

Getting to and from Kauai is worth the trouble, especially if you apply our above tips so that you can really recover fast from jet lag and start immersing yourself in the beauty and wonder of the island.

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