Learn to Sail on Kauai

Ever dream of sailing the high seas? You don’t have to be a pirate, a boat owner, or even a very good sailor to experience the adventure of sailing.

On your next Hawaiian vacation escape, you can be guided by the whims of the wind and soar over the exhilaratingly clear oceans. The challenge of sailing also keeps you on your toes, tested by the might of nature as you traverse the open waters, powered by the forces of nature.

What better place to learn sailing than the scenic Garden Isle of Kauai? Learn a new skill that will turn heads when you share your Kauai sailing story back at home.

sailing on kauai

The Kauai Sailing Association

The Kauai Sailing Association is your best option to tackle the ocean-bound adventure of sailing. The association is managed by expert sailors and has a broad mission to educate and inform the local community and travelers about safe and effective sailing practices and marine awareness.

Programs are available almost every day – ranging from one-time private adult and youth lessons to extensive adult and youth sailing programs, and more.

Private Lessons

The Kauai Sailing Association specializes in offering personalized and intimate sailing escapes. The private lessons are recommended for any skill level as they are fully customized.

Even better, you get to select the type of experience you want by selecting your vessel. This includes 420s, Torros, Toppers, and more.

The standard private course is just $35 per hour. There is a three-hour minimum with a recommended timeframe of about three to five hours to get the most out of the learning experience. Lessons are taught exclusively by certified sailing instructors.

Private lessons are ideal for vacationers who might be available for a brief time and want a challenging and personalized sailing experience. Private lessons can be booked according to your schedule and the amount of time you are staying, and it’s recommended to contact kauaisailing@gmail.com ahead of time for more details.

What You Can learn with the Adult Sailing Program

Are you eager to get sailing for more than a single session? The adult sailing program is the most comprehensive method for becoming experienced in legitimate hands-on sailing.

You will gain a broad understanding of weather and wind detection, topper sailboat maintenance, de-rigging, and more. At the end of the course, you will be able to sail a Topper Sailboat solo.

Pre-registration is required. Review the calendar for summer data availability. Upon completion of the program, you will officially become US small boat sailing certified. You can take this status anywhere in the country and sail the seas along any coast.

Youth Sailing

The youth sailing leadership program is an accessible point of entry for children into the world of sailing. It separates students based on their skill level. There are two main paths: Sailor and Helper.

The Sailor path requires mastering KSA rules, docking, knot tying, tacking, figure 8, boat set up and break down, and more to proceed to the Helper path. This path is available for ages 7 to 16.

The Helper path is for more experienced sailors from the ages of 12 to 16 who are awarded a scholarship towards the camp tuition. They may be required to engage in conversation, motivate teams, assist in teaching, and more.

The youth program is an excellent option if you expect to spend a whole season experiencing Kauai. We have several Kauai vacation rentals with stay periods longer than a week.

Program Lengths and Features

Most of the programs span about five weeks. For the adult sailing program, you will attend one class every Saturday.

Scholarships are available, but they are typically only limited to the local community. The adult class is $300, and prices vary for youth services, private lessons, keel boat classes, and other sailing oriented courses.

The Kauai Sailing Association is your best gateway to experience true sailing. This is more than just another one of the island activities. This is a commitment to a new avenue to better yourself and expand your horizons.

Capture the essence of living free and truly controlling your own destiny. You have the company of yourself, the ocean, and an accomplished instructor.

This could be your greatest traveling adventure yet, disconnected from the world (and your phone) in pursuit of new challenges. Be sure to visit the online calendar of the Kauai Sailing Association website for specific adult class days, community events, and more.

Kauai has a breathtaking history of sailing, and you can become a part of it. Consider a sailing program while staying at one of our local Kauai vacation rentals. We can provide insights into exciting things to do and other ocean sport opportunities available to you. Contact us at 888-822-2403 to learn more.

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