Tips on Enjoying your Vacation on Kauai


Aloha from Beautiful Kauai! We have just a few tips that we tell our guests as they arrive in paradise. They include:

1. Wake up slow.

If you’ve traveled a long way to get here, chances are you have some form of jet lag. Fortunately, no matter where you’re coming from you’re perfectly allowed to sleep in. (If you can avoid all the roosters!) You definitely want plenty of sleep on your vacation.

Sleep In while In Kauai

2. Go with the flow of the Island.

If you’ve been to Kauai before, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. And chances are the West side is dryer than the North/East side. So of course plan out some “must do’s”, but be flexible with the Island. And you never know what kind of festival is going on (you can check out our Facebook page for updates on local festivals), so be open to some spontaneous fun!


3. Feel free to roam.

If you’ve been to Kauai, you know where the “must-see” places are. But there are definitely some incredibly beautiful places that often go undiscovered. Be respectful of the privacy and no trespassing signs, but feel free to roam different streets and see how the Kama’aina live.



We know that a vacation can often be stressful with the planning and financial strain. However, once you’re here on the island you’ll notice that the things that are important on the mainland seem to fall to the wayside on Kauai. The whole island operates like a small town. People are kind and friendly and hardly anyone is ever in a rush. Enjoy the relaxing nature of the island life.


5. Play!

Don’t forget to just have fun. Enjoy the time with your loved ones. If you’re traveling with your kids, remember that this can be a great time to just play with your kids, no stress about schedules or school, just fun. We hope while you’re here on the island of Kauai that you will feel the Aloha Spirit. And we hope you’ll leave this island a little more relaxed and grounded then when you first landed.

Have Fun in Kauai

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