Your Guide to Kauai: South Shore

It’s (finally) time for your Hawaii vacation! And not only are you planning a trip to the mesmerizing tropical paradise of Hawaii, but you are planning to see perhaps its most isolated and exquisite escape- Kauai.

Kauai is filled with spectacular waterfalls, dense walking trails, and some of the most incredible adventures anywhere in Hawaii.

But one of the island’s most treasured destinations is South Shore. Between a snug tunnel of dense trees lies this revered beach area on Kauai. The entire area, from the nearby towns to the ethereal beach, is one for the memory books.

Towns in that Area

South Shore manages to merge high-end luxury with small historical village beauty.

One of the best historical towns in the area is Koloa. The centerpiece of the town is the Koloa Sugar Mill, a historic site dating back to 1835, and now formerly registered as a National Historical Landmark. The town is also home to the beloved Koloa Heritage Trail. The trail is a walk through history, with plaques on different moments of history along its 10-mile stretch.

The trail is most well-known for the Spouting Horn. It’s a deep ravine or hollow channel with lava rocks below. Ocean water bellows out triumphantly. It stands as one of Kauai’s most iconic sights.

As far as other nearby towns, we recommend the lovely town of Poipu by the Hanakaape Bay, as well as Kolopa along the shores of Lawa’I Beach.

kauai spouting horn

Rentals in that Area

South Beach is simply iconic for so many reasons, from its jawdropping vistas to its small cafes and dense hiking trails. We have Kauai beachfront rentals right on Hawaii’s most idyllic oceanside.

Find beachfront condo rentals on Kauai lush with dense vegetation. Look over the sandy beaches and spot nearby coves all along South Shore.

We made sure to embody the magical spirit of Hawaii with every choice. This is luxury you deserve. Review our South Shore rentals today.


The Poipu shopping village is home to some really excellent dining. Anuenue Café is famous for its acclaimed breakfast. You can also lean casual with the amazing polish sausage hot dogs from Puka Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs. Don’t judge a book by its cover. This bright café offers shaved ice and a wide variety of hot dogs- a far cry from a typical hot dog you find back home.

Another highlight is Keoki’s Paradise. Tiki torches are everywhere in this spacious and illuminating half-outdoor restaurant. Inside you can find a lovely jungle-lodge atmosphere. Order authentic Hawaiian drinks and food and take advantage of aloha-hour, the restaurant’s special version of Happy Hour.

Major Activities and Attractions

We barely scrapped the surface of the South Shore beaches. There’s everything from quiet and mildly-trafficked beach nooks to big and bold beach havens by the local resorts. Kayak, fish, and surf at top sights like the popular Brennecke Beach with its cafes and amenities, Keiki Cove Beach with its small compact size, and Kipu Kai Beach, with its glorious mountainside views and isolation.

Between beach visits, we suggest grabbing a coffee at the Kauai Coffee Company, the largest coffee grower in the whole United States. Tours are available upon request. There’s also the world-renowned Allerton Gardens. Explore its roughly 80 acres of garden rooms, pools, miniature waterfalls, and fountains.

Just Visiting for the Day – How to get there from Waipouli Resort

We are confident you will love our Waipouli Beach Resort. It is located by the towns of Kapaa and Wailua, the area known as the Royal Coconut Coast. You can get there from taking Hawaii’s convenient route 50. It will carry you right down to any of your top destinations along the South Shore.

Take full advantage of luxury amenities and conveniences, including a full size washer and dryer, Jacuzzi spas and swimming pool, sub-zero refrigerator for the freshest food, and incredible décor, from the imported fine mahogany cabinets to the 100% natural stone Peruvian travertine floors. Book today and realize your Hawaiian vacation dreams.

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