Kauai Points Of Interest: Kilauea Lighthouse

Lighthouses evoke a spirit of adventure and romance in all of us. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai. The treasures you’ll discover therein are more than worth the modest admission fee, which is $5 for adults and nothing at all for children 15 and younger. The grounds are open Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM local time.

The Kilauea Lighthouse is a short 25 mile ride from Lihue, and is a favorite attraction for first-time visitors to Kauai.

How to get there

The lighthouse is a short 25 mile ride from Lihue. Turn left on Kilauea Road after you enter the scenic villa of Kilauea on Route 56. The lighthouse is a mere two miles away. Parking is limited, so we suggest calling ahead before making the journey from Lihue.

The lighthouse is rich in history. It has stood its lonely vigil overlooking the Pacific Ocean since workers completed construction in 1913. The government retired the lighthouse from active duty in the 1970s but the structure itself is in marvelous condition. It stands approximately 52 feet high and supports a 9000 pound Fresnel lens made in Paris. The lighthouse has withstood the ravages of Mother Nature over the years, including a bout with Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Uncle Sam put the location on the list of national historic places in 1979.

A circular staircase lines the interior wall and leads to where the lighthouse tender, known as a Kukui in the local language, stood watch over the churning sea. Today the grounds encompass 31 acres and provide a welcoming sanctuary for creatures such as the Hawaiian monk seal and the albatross. Humpback whales frolic in the waters offshore. A paved walkway provides easy access to the various points of interest.

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kilauea lighthouse on kauai hawaii
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