Most Popular Kauai Bucket List Ideas You’ll Want To Cross Off Your List

Kauai is surprisingly dense and filled with stunning natural attractions despite its relatively small size. You can get to the peak of the North Shore to the very edge of the South Shore in around three hours- and that’s during the busy season!

Anywhere on the island is accessible to you on a day trip. Pick your favorite of our Kauai beachfront vacation rentals and have a blast exploring the nooks and crannies around the island. And if you need a little assistance, we got you covered!

Below is our top Kauai bucket list just for you- feel free to add your own.

Walk or Bike the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail

The Mahu’ulepu Heritage Trail is a two-mile romp on one of the last clearly-accessible stretches of the South Shore. It also happens to be one of the most manageable and easiest trails on Kauai for families.

The trail is wide enough for you to bring a bike along it. Maha’ulepa Beach is rather difficult to get to itself and is usually a bit too rough for casual swimming. With that said, it’s a spectacular place for whale watching. In the quiet cave-like nooks of the ocean waters along the trail you can spot the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. Talk about a bucket list item!

Experience the Island’s Oldest Luau Celebration

Could you imagine going to Hawaii and not experiencing a Luau? When you stay in one of our condos located at Kauai Waipouli Beach Resort you will be minutes from the park entrance.

It’s an essential tradition for all Kauai visitors to experience a Luau. This traditional Hawaiian party incorporates classic Hawaiian dances, original food like pig, poke, and poi, and a hula. The best kind of Luau is one that is both authentic to the roots of Hawaii’s deep history yet just silly and campy enough for everyone to have a good time. Kauai hosts numerous Luau parties, including one of its oldest at Smith’s Garden

Ride a Tube Through the Jungle 

What is mountain tubing?

It’s easy! Hop in a tube, hold on, and chute down the mountain water tunnels!

When you ride a tube through the jungles of Kauai, you are heading right into the heart of the island’s dense jungle thick. Go on one of the boldest family-friendly adventures you possibly can in this rip-roaring trip through tunnels, open canals and down into a natural swimming hole. 

The trip includes a journey by a four-wheeler to the isolated launch point. It’s a must-do adventure and one that will be a rewarding one for all ages.

See the Famous Fern Grotto

The fern grotto is a fern-covered cove near the mouth of the Wailua River. The adventure to it is maintained by Smith’s Fern Grotto Tours. It is a powerful and long-standing family tradition for the Smith’s who, for over 1250 years, have channeled visitors up to this famous and cozy cove. On the way, hear local stories, authentic family songs, and live entertainment. This is a relaxing boat ride- and the total opposite of the tubing adventure! 

Pose for a Family Photo at the Waimea Canyon Overlook

Rivaling only that of the Grand Canyon for United States natural and epic sights, the Waimea Canyon Overlook is almost beyond words. It is a dazzling spectacle of pure Kauai mountainside. 

The outlook is one of many in the area. The Waimea Canyon Overlook is likely the easiest to get to, located right at mile marker 10 on Kokee Highway. It has a parking lot right at the site. You can see the local waterfalls from here (if you have a good eye) and other neighboring outlook points.

Roll the Windows Down & Take A Drive Through the Tree Tunnel 

The tree tunnel is accessible by anyone. No dense trips through the jungle by horseback or tube. Along the first few miles of Highway 520 runs what is called the Tree Tunnel- a glorious stretch of road with overhanging Eucalyptus trees. It acts as a magical gateway to the South Shore. 

Immortalize your time on Kauai. Grab a lovely souvenir from a small shop by the ocean. Spend afternoons running around the beaches outside our Kauai condo rentals, vying for the best spot to see the incredible marine and wildlife. Make the adventure your own on Kauai.

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