Kauai Points Of Interest: Waimea Canyon

Imagine a one-of-a-kind natural wonder that offers all the beauty and majesty of the Grand Canyon, but located in a lush tropical paradise where the weather is mild year-round and Pacific beaches are never far away. We’re talking about Waimea Canyon, just one of the many unbelievable sites you’ll enjoy when you visit Kauai, the loveliest and most unspoiled island in all of Hawaii.

One of Kauai’s Best Known Natural Attraction

Kauai is unique because it is home to multiple ecosystems. The Waimea Canyon is definitely a wonder and affectionately referred as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. Waimea Canyon is 10 miles long, a mile wide, and more than 3, 000 feet deep. It’s on the west side of Kauai, but is easily accessible from resorts along the eastern shore. It’s the centerpiece of Waimea Canyon State Park, an 1,866 acre state park with numerous hiking trails, picnic spots, scenic vistas, and other recreational and educational opportunities. Formed by geological processes that have been going on for millions of years, the canyon is both inviting and awe-inspiring, a testament to Kauai’s rich natural heritage and unmatched scenic splendor.

Hiking Trails

Depending on which hiking trail you choose, you can explore the rim of the canyon or descend as much as 2,000 feet into its depths. Some of the paths are easy for anyone to follow. Others are best left to experienced backpackers in good physical condition. Of course, you can always stay close to the established visitor’s areas while still getting spectacular views well worthy of photographing.

Park authorities have established restrooms and several lookout spots where you can get a heads-on view of the scenery. Safety railings are in place for visitor’s protection. For family-friendly trips around Kauai, you might skip hiking and stop at the grand viewing areas of the canyon.

We can describe Waimea Canyon using all sorts of beautiful language. But you simply must see it for yourself to understand why it’s so unforgettable. You’ll feel like you’re suspended in mid-air, surrounded by clouds and blue skies while feasting your eyes on one of the planet’s greatest treasures.

This is a great trip if you’re up for a long drive and in for incredible pictures. We recommend making the trip on a relatively clear day, the weather on Kauai is varying, but on a clear day you can see the canyon for miles. Kauai truly is majestic! If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay while on Kauai check out our rentals page and find your dream vacation with us! We love to share the aloha spirit of this beautiful island we call home.

Waimea Canyon State Park is directly off of Hawaii State Road 550. Kokee State Park is a short 18 mile ride north and contains amazing riches of its own. A trip to both sites would make an outstanding all-day adventure during your Kauai vacation. For your own safety, we recommend you bring extra food, any medicines you may need, and perhaps a change of clothing and a few personal comfort items. Oh yes, one more thing: don’t forget your camera.

Vacation Rentals Near Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is but one of the countless reasons to make Kauai your home base during your Hawaiian trip. That’s because it offers everything that makes Hawaii a premium vacation destination without the crowds and other hassles you hate. Plus, you’ll love the world-class amenities that are right at your fingertips when you stay in one of our five-star properties such as Waipouli Beach Resort on the East Shore.

However, the closest Kauai accommodations to the West Shore where the park is located is going to be on the south side of the island. The road to Waimea goes right by our condo rentals at Pili Mai or find incredible group rentals at Poipu Kai Villa. Whether you’re looking for Kauai beachfront rentals or mountain view Kauai condo rentals, we have everything you’re looking for!

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