The Ultimate Guide to Kauai East Shore

When you think of Hawaii’s tranquil white sandy beaches, gloriously blue waters, and thick jungles, you are, whether you know it or not, thinking of Kauai’s East Shore, or “Coconut Coast.”

It is definitively Hawaii- stunning, magical, and filled with jaw-dropping vista and incredible food. You can spend all your time in and around Kauai East Shore and have a life-changing vacation experience.

Below is your guide to the towns, rentals, restaurants, and things to do in the jungle alcoves and wide-open beaches of Kauai East Shore.


There are some small coastal towns tucked away in the Coconut Coast. One of our favorites is Kapaa Town. The town is renowned for its range of authentic and eclectic Hawaiian art, including full-scale paintings of local marine life, beach-themed clock towers, and many other incredible pieces of art.

Another top locale is Wailua. It is perhaps most famous for its proximity to Sleeping Giant, one of the most grandiose and epic mountains in all of the Hawaiian Islands. Just northwest of town is the opening trailhead to this challenging though infinitely rewarding hike. The town also features Lydgate State Park, the town’s most accessible and safe beach. There are rocks moved to create safe havens for shallower swimming, as well as convenient and spacious parking areas to easily accommodate visitors.

Other major towns include Lihue, Kalapaki and Nawiliwili. They house three spectacular beaches on Kauai, ranging from the most popular to some of the most hidden and secretive.


You can’t just stay at any old island retreat. If you are in Kauai, you have to do it right. We have many places to stay in Kauai. We make sure you get the full Kauai experience. We have a luxury spa, a gourmet restaurant on site, a fitness center, and more. These amenities are all available at our Waipouli Beach Resort and Spa. But you can also review our Pili Mai Resort, home to championship golf courses and multiple pools, including a children’s pool and spa.


There’s a highly-acclaimed restaurant at almost every corner along the East Shore. You can grab burgers and bento boxes at Kenji Burger, or visit the Bull Shed Restaurant for ocean views over steak. The Shrimp Station is an incredibly casual stopover, great for a quick afternoon snack of seafood, while EatHealthy Café has live music and a stunning garden space.

Major Activities and Attractions

We can only begin to highlight the many Kauai Island, Hawaii, things to do. Snorkel at any of the local beaches, choosing some of the most popular beach sides for your own safety. Kayak with many local providers, either with a guided tour or self-guided trip with a confident crew. Go on a horseback ride through the jungle, searching for a waterfall or two.

Top attractions include Wailua Falls, Haena Park, Fern Grotto, and so much more.

Just visiting for the day? It’s easy to drive from the Pili Mai Resort located on Kauai’s South Shore.

The route should take you about 30 minutes. You are generally going to head northeast into the north shore area by way of route 540 or Maluhia Rd. It will turn into 50 as you begin heading east, and finally 56 as you start dipping north along the coast. Here, you can take the route as far as you look along the east coast, like into Wailua for the famous falls or Kapaa for the illustrious art district.

Getting to the local attractions could be possible by bike, but you always want to review the distance and travel areas. While there are many trails and bike paths throughout Kauai, your path may not be as straightforward and smooth as you may expect. Terrain can vary, but the East Shore bike path is flat.

Kauai is historical and magical. We love to share the island with guests of all ages, and see their faces fill with excitement.

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